How to pimp up your Cleveland wedge?

By: October 1, 2012

Golf club customization reached a new level as we could see from the example of Callaway Golf. Now I found Cleveland Golf's golf club customization solution. It is clear that this solution gives you more option to pimp up and customize your wedge (if you really need it????) than Callaway Golf's udesign. I think it is really a big step forward (in golf industry terms) within the golf industry toward higher level of customer engagement. I would be interested how this golf club customization solution will drive more sales? Do they want to attract with this service younger people to play golf with Cleveland wedges? I think the most important to an average golfer is a really fitting golf club with a pleasant golf grip.

However it is still not enough to feel that we (=golfers) are really part of the product development. I think we should follow the example of IBM, when they realized that they can earn more if they cooperate with Linux and its community. In the Age of Customer, B2C and B2B has to become more P2P. 

Here is my pimped Cleveland wedge that I created with Cleveland golf club cusotmization application:

Cleveland wedge