Pages disappeared on Titleist’s website

By: March 19, 2013

One of the most annoying case when visiting a website is a page where is written the page is not found (Error 404 page). It can be for various reasons for instance page was recently removed. According to TeaLeaf (an IBM company), the most common issue visitors encounter is poor findability:

TeaLeaf Chart on website problems (2)
Our job is to guide them out of a hole. In practice, website owners should link back to their homepage at the very least, and preferably a search box, links to popular areas of their site and some kind of messaging that thell the visitor what's going on. This is part of the customer experience, therefore it really matters how we handle it. Some companies come up with funny error 404 pages, others like Titleist with stylish error 404 page:

Titleist 404 page (2)

Needless to say, that Titleist is among those few companies that pay attention to such issue.