Have you seen Ian Poulter on 4 wheels?

By: August 23, 2013

Don't worry! Ian Poulter didn't lose his mind. I am just kidding. 

As far as I can remember we don't hear too much about Ian Poulter neither about Club Car, beside some sponsorship (Puma Golf (aka Cobra Golf), Mastercard, Oakley, NetJets, Woburn Golf Club etc.) cases or golf championships (Ryder Cup, European Tour, PGA Tour).

I think Club Car is almost a natural part of a golf course. They are in relationship with the Ryder Cup and the European Tour since 1999. In the last 35 years, Club Car was in a very lucky situation in the golf car market by having only one real competitor: E-Z-GO. Let's see what kind of change Mercedes-Benz will bring by launching their golf car version. At the same time we must admit that golf car industry is not a very vivid one.

This is why I was happy to hear about Ian Poulter Invitational. Ian Poulter Invitational is a charity event sponsored by IJP Design and Club Car

Ian Poulter said that “The Ian Poulter Invitational is all about bringing together talented junior golfers from across the UK and giving them the opportunity to experience competition on a championship course that has hosted top level European Tour events."

As I am writing this post, it seems to me that the Ian Poulter Invitational is not a very picked up charity event or a quite new one that needs massive communication support to excel. Otherwise it will be just another personal brand building initiative. 

Although I wonder how would be better for golf: some major programs like The First Tee or many smaller like the Ian Poulter Initiative or both?? Who knows??!!

As we can see on the photo below, they were able to give this special opportunity to 96 junior golfers from across the UK. What I would not give to be there and play golf with Ian Poulter!!

Ian Poulter Invitational_Ryder Cup Club Car_2013