Ojee Golf is challenging Arccos Golf and Game Golf

By: July 20, 2015

Within a year, I had the chance to write reviews about Arccos Golf, Game Golf, Zepp Golf and Microsoft Golf Tile (in association with TaylorMade). Now, here comes another golf training gadget.


Ojee Golf's Talon (a digital display; see picture below) is promising to enable us to achieve our optimum posture position before you strike the ball. Talon is able to show if you are doing something wrongly (e.g. club-face is open).

Ojee Talon is crowdfunding its product development in Indiegogo.com. Within 14 days they were able to collect £9,642 (out of £20,000). £149 gets you the Talon suite, the RRP will be £229.99. Shipping forecast is November.


To implement Talon (digital display unit) you have to attach it to the top of any golf club, together with a separate wireless back unit, which uses patent-pending technology to remove guesswork by calculating and clearly displaying four critical angles of address: spine angle, club shaft angle, club shaft to spine angle, and rotation angle of the club face. 

This is the good part, but to be able to utilize Talon you will also have to wear a kind of back brace.

It is good that we get immediate information. Ojee Golf's Talon provides 8 hours of continuous use. It seems like it will be more accurate than Zepp Golf. I miss couple of things from this device:

  1. prediction or showing the expected distance from a certain posture position;
  2. grip of golf club: is it strong or soft or normal;
  3. visualization and shareability of data.