How did Evian found a golf prodigy to sponsor?

By: April 1, 2016

Evian has recently announced its new brand ambassador, the golf prodigy Lydia Ko. It was a bold decision of Evian, since spending power and influence of women is growing. Therefore, it is good to appeal to potential female customers.

A couple of years ago I recommended to marketers that their sponsored professional golfer should be part of their social CRM as well where they are not just the face of the brand in an ad, but who can walk the talk of the brand values and explain why and how to play golf with a specific golf club.

Will Evian be able to realize the above-mentioned business strategy? Will Evian treat Lydia Ko as a partner and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with her?

Here are some of Lydia Ko’s achievements:

  • The youngest world number 1 in golf history (on either the men’s or women’s tours),
  • The youngest player to win a Major (The Evian Championship 2015), followed by youngest Rolex Player of the Year (in 2015).
  • Voted by Time Magazine (2014) as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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Lydia_Ko_Photo Credit Luke Telling