What can Peter Finch’s community of 500K+ be good for brands?

By: August 2, 2022

Remember, authentic and organic always win. In the world of micro-influencers, authenticity is the currency. What can brands achieve from cooperating with mega-influencers like Peter Finch (500K followers on YouTube) or Rick Shiels?

In a previous article, I have already written that macro and mega influencers are excellent choices if you want to generate awareness for your product or service.

Is this the only business goal of Peter Finch partners like BMW, Shot Scope, and Dundonald Links recently joining FootJoy, WHOOP, Golfbidder, etc?

Peter Finch The R&A at the 150th Open Championship

Can Peter Finch help brands to advance them in social commerce? A Grand View Research study found that the social commerce industry was worth cca. $475 billion in 2020. They said this industry is expected to grow by 28.4% between 2021 and 2028.

Therefore, your social commerce should be combined with influencer marketing from now on.

Along with this, you will need a holistic, strategic approach, focusing on your business goals. You should define your SMART objectives for influencer marketing campaigns and cooperations.

influencer-marketing-media-mix peter finch

I would also consider who influences your potential customers in the different phases of that journey. To understand this, you must become a master social listener and researcher who understands your customers and who they trust and pay attention to.

It’s not completely incidental either if the influencer interacts with his/her fans and followers in a tangible, sincere way. This is where the trouble starts with mega-influencers like Peter Finch.

They cannot manage a close relationship with all 500K+ followers and fans. This is why they hire PR agencies or social media agencies to manage their social media channels and be responsive and timely.

I thought I’d share these with you in advance.

Influencer-Marketing_Peter Finch_1770x1011

Peter Finch Golf: 500K+ followers on YouTube

Golf content creator, Peter Finch, has surpassed 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Over 2,300,000 hours of content has been watched in 2022.

Additionally, the Finch Golf Media network has grown by 40% annually across all platforms since 2020 and currently has over 971,000 total followers on social media.

Peter Finch, said:

“It has been a crazy journey since I started creating YouTube videos from Trafford Golf centre all those years ago, and the fact that I can call this my job is something I will always be grateful for.

None of this would have been possible without all the people around the world that continue to follow the channel and watch the videos we produce.”