Do you know what you win if you’re a World Corporate Golf Challenge Licensee?

By: June 13, 2023

When searching for “golf tournaments” on Google, there are 19 million results that appear. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that many of these results are quite similar and unremarkable.

Travel + Leisure found:

“If 2022 was the year of wading back into travel, then 2023 is the year of diving in head first. According to a recently released report by American Express Travel, a majority of respondents say they not only plan to take more trips this year than last, but they will also spend more money on travel in 2023 than in 2022.”

I think golf tournaments will be exciting and attractive, combining travel and the golf tournament and attracting competitors literally from all around the world.

Thanks to the World Corporate Golf Challenge, I was able to participate in the final round of their competition at Abama Resort – within the Abama Hotel Resort – in Tenerife in 2022. Golfers from at least 30 countries came to win the trophy.

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The Final Round is covered by major media companies such as CNN, Eurosport, Fortune, Time, IMG, Bloomberg, etc. The Golf Business Monitor is an official media partner too.

The World Corporate Golf Challenge has another golf tournament, the Sports Legends Club. The Sports Legends Cup is an “invitation-only” event where everyone can play alongside renowned such as Ronan Rafferty, Eddie Polland, Tony Jacklin, Ryan Prickett, Luis Figo, etc. It is more recreational than competitive.

This made my experience unforgettable last year. I played with Eddi Polland (golf) and Ryan Prickett (NFL).

The World Corporate Golf Challenge represents one of the largest corporate golf tournaments in the world. This year the World Corporate Golf Challenge is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

With such a unique experience offer, it will be easy for you to organize successful and profitable golf tournaments and bring your country’s best team of two to the Final Round.

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If you have decided that you also want to become a World Corporate Golf Challenge Licensee, check if you meet the following conditions:

  • Sports Marketing Knowledge
  • Golf Market Knowledge
  • Company financial muscle, investment capacity
  • Event Management Knowledge
  • Commercial acumen for local partner acquisition
  • Organization means & skills
  • Knowledge of dealing with media outlets
  • Long-term contractual relationship engagement

It is not that difficult to meet these conditions.

How do the national events work?

The World Corporate Golf Challenge competition can be played at various levels, including club and regional rounds, culminating in a National Final. Companies enter in teams of 2 players.

Club and regional rounds are played in a format based on the Licensee’s discretion. The recommended playing format is Stableford (with both scores to count on each hole) with ¾ handicap allowance.

Each event commences with local or regional qualification rounds, with winners proceeding to the next level in the competition i.e., club and regional rounds culminate in the National Final.

Players may compete in more than one qualifying round (if approved by the licensee); golf clubs can host more than one club/regional round.

It is going to be fun not just to play in this tournament but also to organize the competitions in your country.

If you need any further help, I am very happy to answer your questions and connect you with the World Corporate Golf Challenge: / +36 30 279 0054 (WhatsApp too)