Ready to Discover Professional Golf Tournaments with GolfPlus?

By: February 6, 2024

Many people recommend using Google to find suitable golf tournaments, whether you are a professional player or a regular golfer like me. At first glance, this sounds simple and easy.

However, finding relevant and compelling golf tournaments can be overwhelming and challenging, especially for professional players, when the number of search results keeps increasing.

Only with some research and determination you can discover the ideal event that fits your specific needs.

Recently, I came across GolfPlus, a golf tournament search engine designed to assist professional golfers (a.k.a. tour players) in finding out where and when competitive golf will be played.

With a primary focus on Europe, GolfPlus helps to find the perfect and most suitable tournaments. This platform can prove advantageous for PGA organizations aiming to enhance PGA players’ participation and higher tournament attendance.

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The President of PGA Slovakia, Mr. Peter Petrovic, who is also the co-founder of the Slovak Open Championship and the founder of GolfPlus, has actively engaged in conversations with professional players to comprehend why they were unaware of the tournament.

Despite the visibility of the DP World Tour, the Challenge Tour, and the ProGolf Tour within the golfing community, players seem to lack awareness and remain uninformed about tournaments that may be better suited to their competitive needs or available services.

Mr. Petrovic is confident that the GolfPlus App will address this issue by consolidating professional tournaments on a single platform, making them easily accessible.

While amateur players have numerous tournament opportunities, the professional circuit faces a significant awareness gap.

To simplify the golf tournament registration process, GolfPlus developers aim to create a hassle-free experience for all tour players and PGA organizations.

GolfPlus is currently in the early stages of development, establishing the foundation for the pro-golf community while actively engaging PGA associations to contribute information to the platform.

In the upcoming year, the plan is to upgrade the system, allowing you to effortlessly add tournaments and videos to the website with a simple account creation.

GolfPlus warmly welcomes dynamic partnerships. Given our expanding reach and engagement, we’re eager to explore sponsorship opportunities that resonate with your brand’s objectives.

We invite you to partner with us in elevating the golfing experience and showcasing your brand to our dedicated community of enthusiasts.

Successfully recruit participants for your next golf tournament!

Armed with the following information, you can successfully recruit participants for your next golf tournament and make it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved:

  1. The name of the tournament
  2. The date of the main tournament (the accompanying pro-am tournament is considered a new tournament)
  3. Prize money amount
  4. Venue – including the club’s address and the state where the tournament is held
  5. Venue – the name of the golf club
  6. Organizer – either the promoter or PGA organization
  7. Co-organizer – either the promoter or PGA organization
  8. Email contact address/phone
  9. Tournament website (if available)
  10. Social media channels of the tournament
  11. Tournament logo
  12. Upload photos of the golf course
  13. Share any interesting facts

You can register for your next tournament here.

Another option is to download GolfPlus – directly onto your phone as an app so that you have it readily available whenever you need it.

Do not forget to follow GolfPlus on Instagram or Twitter @GolfplusG for more updates!

The GolfPlus journey is just beginning, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of competitive golf. Get ready to conquer the greens with GolfPlus!

Explore the most attractive golf tournaments and take your tour player career to the next level!

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