Will Porsche continue supporting the DP World Tour’s European Open?

By: March 28, 2024

There were rumblings during the previous year that Porsche may withdraw its European Open golf tournament sponsorship. However, the DP World Tour successfully negotiated an agreement with Porsche, allowing the tournament to continue as the Porsche European Open.

This time, I can report the continuation of sponsorship cooperation between Porsche and the DP World Tour without any interruptions. Further details regarding this partnership are presented below.

Porsche will remain committed to the home market from 2024 onwards as the Official Automotive Partner of the European Open at the Green Eagle Golf Courses venue in Winsen/Luhe.

Therefore, Porsche will continue to provide all golf fans and customers visiting the prestigious DP World Tour tournament with an attractive brand experience from 30 May to 2 June 2024.

2023 Porsche European Open fans

As the title partner of the European Open since 2015, Porsche has played a vital role in establishing the event as one of the most attractive on the tour.

Porsche – fan activation plans

For now, it seems that Porsche will organize its well-proven fan activation programs at the 2024 Porsche European Open as well:

  • A Porsche as the hole-in-one prize on the North Course’s famous 17th hole. It is where the Porsche Owners’ Garden will allow Porsche customers a unique view of tournament action at one of the venue’s most attractive places.
  • 15 Porsche models will serve as shuttle vehicles.
  • Porsche will continue to use the renowned tournament to provide its customers and Porsche Golf Circle members with a special brand experience through VIP events and the chance to participate in the Pro-am tournament.

Will these programs be enough in 2024 to impress current and future Porsche owners? Porsche and all golf tournament sponsors must consider the following four trends.

2023 Porsche European Open with the great wheel

Golf event activation tips

Statista expects the sports event market will be worth almost $38bn by 2028. Sports sponsorship, already a $66B industry globally, is expected to grow to $108B by 2030 (Source: iSportConnect).

I believe golf events like the Porsche European Open are more than competitions.

They act as a stage for brands to showcase themselves to the world, with high stakes in attracting customers—in this case, current and prospective Porsche owners, business partners, and other stakeholders.

As a result, it is imperative to impress and engage these individuals successfully during the events.

It is crucial that you pay close attention to the following 5 factors:

  • The blurring lines between sports and entertainment present immense opportunities for sports sponsorships. To effectively leverage these opportunities, brands should focus on creating seamless and authentic integrations that resonate with diverse global audiences, ultimately amplifying sponsorship initiatives’ reach and impact.
  • Golf equipment manufacturers often use the phrase ‘tour proven’ to establish the quality of their products. However, modern tour players have become multifaceted influencers whose substantial social media followings and personal brands go beyond their athletic achievements. I recommend leveraging tour players’ personal stories, values, and social platforms to create more resonant and engaging campaigns
  • Use genuine, original content. Create brand-sponsored original content that entertains and adds value to the audience’s experience.
  • Build messaging around moments leading up to an event. Successful activations hinge on using moments associated with the event to drive eyeballs.
  • Focus on ROI: Help your golf event’s sponsors properly track their sponsorship’s performance. I believe ROI tracking will ensure that the sponsorship industry growth continues.
2023 Porsche European Open winner