How is Paramount helping disabled people try golf?

By: April 16, 2024

I noticed a very lovely initiative today. It is common to see that people with disabilities are only able to participate in sports as spectators.

It would be beneficial if wealthier golf clubs and companies involved in the golf industry worked on finding solutions to make golf more accessible for people with disabilities.

I understand the importance of finding great examples when looking for inspiration or guidance.

Paramount Richard Jones Paul Doherty Kieran Klein Cae Menai Davies

The cooperation between the Cardiff-headquartered design, build, fit-out, and refurbishment specialist Paramount and the disabled golf charity The Golf Trust is a great example of diversity efforts.

Paramount’s Paragolfer is an all-terrain wheelchair that raises the user into a standing position, allowing a safe and conventional golf swing. 

Thanks to the cooperation, Paragolfer will enable disabled people in South Wales to try golf. There’s a world of difference between playing a sport and watching it.

The sponsored machine was introduced to local disabled people at a special event hosted by The Golf Trust at The Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club.

Paramount’s Chief Executive Officer and new Captain of the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club, Richard Jones, supported the machine. Vale of Glamorgan-based HVAC Mechanical Specialists S&G Air Conditioning also sponsored it.

Paramount Kieran Klein trying th Paragolfer

A success story

Jonathan Hobbs was one attendee that Paramount’s Regional Manager and former professional Tour golfer Paul Doherty was keen to introduce to golf for the first time.  

16 years ago, Jonathan had an accident that paralyzed him, and he has used a wheelchair ever since. 

The Paragolfer enabled Jonathan to stand for the first time since then and allowed the friends to play golf together, face to face.

Have you got similar significant initiatives? Please share them in the comments!