Why does J. Lindeberg prefer to sponsor the DP World Tour?

By: July 4, 2024

Can we say that despite the noise around LIV Golf, the tournament struggles to attract interest and sponsors?

To what extent does the style of LIV Golf appeal to golf enthusiasts? Is it perceived as attractive or unappealing by the target audience?

LIV Golf needs to secure significant television agreements to enhance its visibility and attract potential sponsors. The recent collaboration with The CW Network—50M+ monthly viewers—does not represent a substantial achievement for the Saudi-supported LIV Golf.

DP World Tour (464K) and the PGA Tour (1.42M) still have many more YouTube subscribers than LIV Golf (259K).

J. Lindeberg DP World Tour sponsorship 2024

Let’s delve into the topic of brand safety. Is J. Lindeberg concerned about the potential for his brand to be compromised in any way at LIV Golf events?

Alternatively, was his decision to engage as the official clothing supplier solely influenced by media and sponsorship key performance indicators and cost considerations?

To be among premium and luxury brands such as BMW, Rolex, Emirates, and Hilton made the J. Lindeberg marketing team’s decision no-brainer.

J. Lindeberg, the Official Clothing Supplier

The DP World Tour and J. Lindeberg have announced an exclusive, multi-year partnership. The global, premium fashion and lifestyle brand will become the DP World Tour’s official clothing supplier.

As a result of this partnership, J. Lindeberg became the Official Clothing Supplier of two of the Tour’s most iconic Rolex Series events in 2024.

These events are

  • the Genesis Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club, North Berwick (10-14 July), and
  • the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club, Virginia Water (17-22 September).

In this exclusive partnership, J. Lindeberg will provide DP World Tour personnel with custom-designed products tailored to their active and travel-intensive lifestyles.

Additionally, J. Lindeberg will make its unique signature styles and innovative sports apparel available to the golfing community at select events, where tournament-branded J.Lindeberg ranges will be offered for purchase.