Will DIRECTV cover the 97th PGA Championship at Whistling Straits?

By: August 13, 2015

Of course DIRECTV will cover the 97th PGA Championship at Whistling Straits as part of their “PGA TOUR Experience“. I think you have already noticed on your TV. In February I had already reported that DIRECTV signed a 5-year contract with the PGA Tour.

DIRECTV’s “PGA Championship Experience” will showcase its exclusive, four-in-one-screen Mix Channel along with an interactive menu of apps for instant access to player stats, bios, scorecards and tee
You will not miss the highlights of this four-day event, if you download PGA’s mobile app ( for iOS and Android mobiles). Did you know that 77% of us now watch TV with a laptop, phone or tablet nearby? I assume the searches via these devices will reach new peaks during the game, also because of the high adoption of smartphones and tablets.
We should not neglect the phenomenon of social broadcasting! People like to to push entertaining and inspirational content out to their network.
The PGA Championship Experience Mix Channel (701) includes: the main TNT/CBS broadcast (702); Marquee Group (703); Par 3 coverage (704) and PGA Championship In-depth (705) coverage. Any four channels on the Mix – each fully produced with its own announcers – can be tuned tofull-screen.