Ireland’s stumbling golf tourism marketing – part 2

By: August 26, 2010

As I promised in my previous post I will keep on analyzing Golf Ireland's Facebook communication. If I have to give KPIs for a Facebook brand page the following would be:

  • Clear Community Expectations: what the brand (in our case Golf Ireland) is expecting from the FANs + what FANs can expect from the brand. I think this page meets the expectations: OK.
  • Provide Cohesive Branding: the branding of the page is in line with the offline communication.
  • Be up to date: well the last post was published this Tuesday, but in general the page does not tell too much about Irish golf championships, golf courses and competitions.
  • Live Authenticity: we men of the street would like to connect to real people and the same behavior applies to Facebook brand pages as well. What I like in social media is that it humanizes brands, companies. Golf Ireland is does not move into this  direction. 🙁
  • Participate in Dialogue: well the page has only 50 fans, 3 comments, 4 "LIKE"s since 20 July 2010. So there is no much we can expect but they do not respond to these few comments.
  • Enable Peer-to-Peer Interactions: it is still early to talk about it, but the benefit of enabling P2P communication is indispensable. 
  • Foster Advocacy: I cannot highlight enough the importance of Word of Mouth (WOM). I think it is one of the biggest achievement what a brand can achieve in social media
  • Solicit a Call-to-Action: this is one of the 2 great traits of this brand page by requesting to tell a golf story that happened with us in Ireland.

As the bottom line, Golf Ireland's Facebook brand page is almost dead and boring. They should think about content that motivates people express their feelings, thoughts + invite others to join. 

Finally, here is cool Irish golf course, Old Head Golf Links (Kinsale):