TIP: How to choose golf vacation packages?

By: June 17, 2013

We as golf travelers are not spoilt when it comes to golf vacation packages. I am that kind of golfer who leaves golf vacation package selection to the last moment. I know it is not so smart, but somehow it happens this way. 

Here comes the next pitfall where to find golf vacation package that fits me. I started to play golf in 2009, so I am not familiar with international golf courses and golf resorts. This is why I was happy to find GolfBoo.com

The founders Antonio Conde & Fabio Peral had a very good intention to ease our golf vacation package selection. GolfBoo.com in some features (e.g. review) reminds me a little bit Tripadvisor, but still have to work on how to turn the portal into a golf travel community. At the same time, I must say that the portal does not have a USP. I have a doubt that the features and services will not be able to provide sufficient compatitive advantage to Golfboo.com

Such basic social commerce features like review that are so elementary (should be) in our days will not give absolute competitive advantage. May be they don't have resources to facilitate them or don't want to undertake transparency and two way communication (aka consumer dialogue).. 

What is for sure that it is going to be more user friendly than Golfbreaks.com.

GolfBoo Packages

I have just found 3 great illustrations that show why and how reviews and social media features can facilitate more online sales and trust:

Social Proof – when you are uncertain how to decide

Social proof

Authority – reviews on products and services can influence our purchase decision


Affinity – we tend to follow our friends' idea


Of course there are other principals that influence our online pruchase (e.g. scarcity, reciprocity etc.), but I think these 3 are the most important one.