Las Colinas Golf is shortlisted for the Golf Resort Award

By: May 30, 2014

Last year PGA Catalunya Resort was the lucky Spanish golf club to win at the European Property Awards as the best golf development in Europe.

At this time Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is close to win the Golf Resort Award at the International Hotel & Property Awards (hosted by Design et al). The winner must be the best in interior design, architecture and innovation.

Well, architecture is not necessarily their biggest strength, but neither have to worry about this criteria:

Las Colinas Enebro Villa 1

To demand "world peace" in this competition is not enough. The Golf Resort Category rewards those resorts that not only offer world-class golf facilities but that also provide additional attractions and services, all seamlessly integrated with cutting edge designed property. 

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Hole 1

I think Las Colinas Golf's International School of Falconry Las Colinas and new Las Colinas Experiences will increase their chance to win. 

What will really increase their chance to win is the Los Colinas Golf mobile application (Android, iOS) that really help golfers to have a pleasant stay at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. I would highlight some special features that made my day:

  • Car find – it helps you to find your car after the game
  • Special offers from local and national companies
  • Fun Cam – let's make a lot of selfies

The developers forgot only one thing: how this mobile application could be used for loyalty program.

Las Colinas mobile app for iOS


So, I think we should vote for this golf club. Voting is now open to the general public and runs through to 13 June 2014.