Hidden golf treasure was found in Israel

By: August 4, 2014

In general we do not hear too much golf news from Israel, especially in these days when the world is focusing on the Gaza conflict. Despite of the dreadful situation around the Gaza strip, from north of Tel Aviv we cannot feel anything about the battle.

In my previous post I wrote that I will visit the Caesarea Golf Club. Thanks to Boaz Segev Head-Pro and Lior Prety golf club manager I got some insight about their major business challenges and in general about golf in Israel.


Unlike Turkey or Abu Dhabi, Israel has only one 18-hole golf course. It is the Caesarea Golf Club. The other golf course in Israel it is in kibbutz Gaash, not so far away from Caesarea Golf Club, but it is just a 9-hole golf course.

The golf course and golf club was established in 1961 by the Baron de Rothschild Family, in 2009 it was redesigned by Pete Dye. The golf club is owned by the Caesarea Foundation and The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. They operate the golf club as a non-profit organization.


We would think that it would be so easy to attract golf tourists to Israel, because the tourist can combine his game with visiting spiritual/religious places (e.g. Nazareth, Jerusalem etc.) or with business meetings.

However Boaz Segev thinks that due to lack of sufficient number of golf courses in Israel, the country is less attractive place for golf tourists. Personally I would not mind if I can be sure that golf course is interesting and challenging. 


On local level they have different challenges. Just like in Hungary, golf is perceived as high-class, luxurious recreational activity, even though the standards of living in Israel is similar to many Western-European countries’ (e.g. Austria, Holland).


Israel in many terms a special country. Israel absorbed many immigrants from countries with rich-golf heritage like UK, US, South Africa, Scotland etc. Some of them became the founders and active members of Caesarea Golf Club. Unfortunately, not every golfer immigrant is actively playing.  Today Caesarea Golf Club has 500+ members.

Here I would not detail their business challenges because it is very similar to what developing golf countries’ are facing.

Nevertheless, Caesarea Golf Club will host in October the Israel Masters Edmond de Rothschild competition as part of The Alps Tour. The prize will be €70,000.

I think Caesarea Golf Club is worth a try.