What can IGTM bring to golf tourism business?

By: September 4, 2015

IGTM (International Golf Tourism Market) has helped generate more than €79 million worth of business for the golf travel industry since 2012.

Reed Travel Exhibitions found that 31% of attending buyers negotiated between €50,000 and €200,000 worth of business, while 17% placed more than €200,000, as a direct result of attending the exhibition.

IGTM - Picture 2

Reed Travel Exhibitions is expecting at least 500 companies to exhibit at IGTM 2015 and over 1,500 individuals. The exhibitors are mainly national and regional golf tourism organisations, leading resorts and golf courses. The event will be held this year between October 5-8 at the Magma Conference Centre, Tenerife.

While reading the list of qualified buyers, I missed alternative golf travel service providers such as Golfscape or Golfboo. Unfortunately I have not found any answer on IGTM’s website to my earlier questions regarding the future of golf travel agents and the role of crowdsourcing in the golf tourism industry.

Furthermore, I think it would be interesting to discuss what can golf resorts and golf clubs offer to female golfers.