What is missing from the tarnished Chateau d’Augerville?

By: November 12, 2015

I am always amazed when I see a tarnished, medieval castle in a golf club. The 15th century Chateau d’Augerville is not an exception. Chateau d’Augerville is a member of the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection. The hotel has 40 rooms distributed in 3 buildings. Their golf course (designed by Olivier Dongradi) is in the TOP5 of Ile de France.

To enhance the overall customer experience at Chateau d’Augerville, the owners hired Troon who began several improvements (e.g. 18-hole layout conditioning, machinery, new golf pro shop, golf academy). In addition to this, the owners added a 700 sqm (on 2 floors) spa (see picture below) that is situated around the central courtyard.

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Chateau d'Augerville Spa (1) MR

By following the latest spa trends in 2015, I am missing from their offer the preventive treatments and personalization. I wonder what can be the specialty of this spa since it is hard to please everyone. As the macho-sounding therapies are gaining momentum it would be wise to think about what can they offer to men. Will they offer treatments that are 30 minutes or less? I think a guest would appreciate if they could get follow-up, customized programs that they can use in their everyday life.

As we can, today it is not enough to build a high-tech and high-end spa. I would recommend to the guest when they arrive to Chateau d’Augerville to take a spa treatment since it can put people immediately into a positive state of mind by giving them something enjoyable to connect with. What do you think?

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