How can Troon exploit German golf tourism?

By: April 18, 2016

There is a golf country in Europe that despite its size and purchasing power we hardly hear about her. The country is Germany. Germany is the #2 golf country in Europe (639,137 golfers; 15% of European golfers), not far behind the UK. Beside France, Sweden, and the UK, Germany is one of the most affluent golf nations in Europe. If this is the case then why can’t we hear more about German golf club business and golf industry?

Among the German-speaking countries (DACH countries) Germany is considered as a growing golf country while Austria and Switzerland as matured. If so, then why can’t we hear more about the German golf club business and golf industry?

Costa Navarino (1) Bay course

How can Troon entice German golf tourists?

As we could see above, the German golf tourist is really valuable. When a German golfer is thinking about golf holiday he thinks mainly about Austria, Turkey, Italy and Spain. However, it seems like that Troon has recognized the common interest and characters  of German golfers and the Troon-managed golf clubs’ members.

Troon and golf.extra have just announced a strategic partnership that brings together the world’s leading third-party management company and Germany’s top specialist golf travel company.  Golf.extra has been delivering exclusive golf travel solutions since 2007, serving more than 7,000 customers annually.

This kind of partnership is not new to Troon. They have created similar partnerships in the UK in the past. Thanks to the partnership golfers will be able to play more easily on such leading golf courses such as:

Both Troon and golf.extra will have to do more than bring affluent German golfers to the above mentioned high-end golf courses. My questions are the following for them:

  • Will you provide multigenerational travel solutions?
  • How will you maximize social technology to come up with personalized offers and services?
  • What can you offer to Millennials?

Lofoten Golf Links (1) 2nd Hole