Golf Tourism England in the lure of video marketing

By: November 21, 2016

There is no doubt that video marketing and consumption will keep on growing in the coming years as well. This is why interesting to see Golf Tourism England‘s latest video marketing initiative to capture the imagination of the golf travel trade and regular golfers.

This project received £40 million funding from the Discover England Fund (administrated by VisitEngland).

Matt Selby, Director of Operations, Golf Tourism England said: “We are focussed on developing England’s golf product in order to successfully integrate it into the golf travel trade framework…“In order to successfully do so, we have embarked on an educational and promotional drive that will position the product in the minds of both the trade and consumers alike.”

The Golf Tourism England will create a series of clusters to bring together England’s finest golf experience.


How could Golf Tourism England succeed in video marketing?

Video marketing is effective for a very simple reason. People love to watch videos since it is easy to digest. Cisco believes that global IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015.

However, before you upload your video to your YouTube brand channel, I would emphasize that video marketing is not equal to YouTube. People today (intentionally I did not write consumers because I cannot see the difference in B2C and B2B video watching habits) are watching videos on various platforms and devices.

We should see also that video consumption in Facebook is also growing. Check out these interesting stats:

  • 8 billion (!!!) daily views (last year it was “only” 1 billion);
  • 500 million Facebook users are watching videos on Facebook;
  • 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound;
  • Facebook is dominating social video distribution (source: Animoto: Social Video Marketing and Advertising Forecast) .

I can also see another interesting trend. Marketers are uploading their videos directly to Facebook instead of copy-pasting a YouTube link.

Let’s not forget also that Golf Tourism England should not neglect real-time video solutions like Facebook Live or Periscope. They can be really useful to better interact with his followers.

To succeed Golf Tourism England should create “how-to” videos to help prospects through the purchasing process (see also educational drive). These videos should not only be used in social media, but also in electronic direct mails (eDM). The embedded video will encourage recipients to interact with the brand.

Finally, let’s not forget that we can also upload videos (max. 60 sec.  long ones) to Instagram. Snapchat is less relevant in this case.

What makes me really curious is the 360˚ videos and the virtual reality (VR). Shangri-La Hotels are already using Samsung Gear VR headsets to present their hotels.