Where is the coverage for the #ThisGirlGolfs campaign??

By: May 18, 2017

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has recently partnered with Lady Golfer magazine to support their #ThisGirlGolfs campaign (launched in 2015; a collaboration between England Golf, The Scottish Golf Union, the PGA and National Club Golfer) and offer fabulous prizes to the winners of three stunning golf events in the UK.

Three ladies’ open events will be held at some of the most prestigious golf venues in England: four-time Ryder Cup host The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Goodwood Golf, and The Mere.

The main prize at these events will be a stay at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, including three rounds of golf, breakfast, and transfers.

Where is the coverage for the #ThisGirlGolfs campaign??

If you have not heard about the #ThisGirlGolfs campaign, then I would not be surprised, although its aim is really nice:

To break through stereotypes and show the wider world that golf is a game for all, accessible to all and withing reach of any budget.

I think Elisa Gaudet done a better job with her initiative the Women’s Golf Day. Last year, 27 countries and 400 golf clubs participated in this program worldwide. This year on June 6th it will be held in 564 locations worldwide.

They also had a much better media coverage, not to mention the number of results in Google (74100 results vs. 9180 results) and on YouTube (2120 vs. 33).

According to my sources, the share of female golfers on the leading golf market is:

  • US: 19%
  • EU average: 25%
  • UK average: 14% (around 124,191 women)
  • Austria, Slovenia, Germany: 35% -35% – 35%
  • Switzerland: 33%
  • Australia: 21% (was in 2014)
  • Japan: 15% (source: Yano Research)

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