Will Amendoeira Golf Resort reap the laurels at the EGTA?

By: February 13, 2018

None of the golf resorts and golf clubs can sit on their laurels when customer trust and credibility are at stake. Even the most shrewd golfer and golf tourist pay attention to such social proofs like the World Golf Awards, Today’s Golfer Travel Award, Golf World Top 100 Golf Courses, Leadingcourses.com, Tripadvisor etc.

The Portuguese golf resort the Amendoeira Golf Resort is now hoping to win the ‘Best Golf Resort for Groups’ title at the European Group Travel Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom in Berlin on March 8th. The Amendoeira Golf Resort will compete against:

Amendoeira Golf Resort Oceanico O'Connor Jnr Course

I would like to circle back for a moment to the notion of social proofs. Many of our customers or even us are superficial and impressed (sometimes it happens unintentionally) by the number and variety of winning awards, the number of liked and shared content. All this happens because we want to make low-risk decisions about a not so well-known service or product.

Nevertheless, I recommend focusing on achieving such social proofs that can drive measurable behavior, conversions, revenue, loyalty, and advocacy for your golf resort/club (e.g. testimonials with photos).

Have you ever measured the impact of any of your winning awards or other badges on your sales activity?

Just like fake news, fake reviews, and fake recognitions (=not based on true performance) can be very harmful to your golf club business. When you would like to use influencer endorsement as a social proof, be careful with the “influence score”. This score does not always show the real influence of the influencer.

The Portugal Pro Tour is coming to the Amendoeira Golf Resort

The Amendoeira Golf Resort is set to hold the inaugural Amendoeira Resort Classic in Spring 2018, in partnership with the PGA Portugal, between March 11th -13th. The organizers are expecting over 70 professionals to compete. It will be played on the Oceanico O’Connor Jnr Course (6708m, Par 72).

The event, which is likely to feature a number of past and future European Tour players, will be broadcast live by Portugal’s SportTV, allowing golfers across the country to watch the action unfold.