What is the best time to play golf in the Algarve?

By: October 2, 2018

Some European golf markets have to realize that the golf season is getting to the end. However, there are few countries, among them Portugal and its Algarve region where we can still enjoy the sun and superb golf courses.

Let me give you an overview of why it is worth to go to the Algarve especially in October.

To have a better understanding, I will share with you the Portuguese National Golf Industry Council‘s statistics (Outubro = October):

The Best Time To Play Golf In The Algarve

According to my sources,  the popularity of off-season tourism is growing in Portugal. Visiting the Algarve in September or in October is really pleasant and ideal (14-25C, 57-77F) for playing golf, but also for other activities.

I counted 43 quality golf courses in the Algarve. The Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer ranked the Algarve as the best value holiday destination in the Eurozone in 2017.

I think it is time to discover less-known or less-trendy golf resorts and hotels. A good example is the Dona Filipa Hotel that has got 3 golf courses:

  1. Pinheiros Altos – a 27 hole Championship golf course: The original 18 holes were designed by the respected American architect Ronald Fream and the additional 9 holes, created by the highly regarded Portuguese golf architect George Santana da Silva (he designed Quinta do Lago’s Laranjal golf course as well), opened in 2007.
  2. San Lorenzo – Its previous name was Le Meridien Dona Filipa. It is an 18-hole golf course with a GEO OnCourse sustainability certificate. The 18 holes lie in the unspoiled Southeast corner of Quinta do Lago.
  3. Penina Hotel & Golf Resort – is a pleasant Par 35 with 2987 meters, taking advantage of the principles laid down by Sir Henry Cotton with water hazards playing their tricks best; the Penina Golf Resort course is an opportunity to fine-tune one’s short game while providing a gentle training ground for beginners.

I think it is worth to give a try to these golf courses. Based on my experience with Tee Times Golf Agency in February (2018), I can strongly recommend their offer that includes an extra 15% discount.

Pinheiros Altos Golf Resort near to the hole Algarve

What I also like is the 365 Algarve cultural program. It is good to mix activities with golf. 2018 is the 3rd year of this cultural program. It will kick off on 4th October in Faro.

It is a great way to discover the Algarve, but also to enjoy the local culture:

  • Algarve Jazz Gourmet Moments Festival;
  • AlGharbe.Come is a festival that combines three of humanity’s intangible heritages and gives them a unique character through the cultural outlook of the territory of the Lower Guadiana;
  • Faro Unveiled‘ proposes a journey to the origins and the cultural diversity that were the foundations upon which the city of Faro and Algarve were built;
  • Working the sea‘: the programme is based on the creation and presentation of unique shows of dance, music, theatre, performance, image, exhibitions and multidisciplinary projects;
  • Fantastic Moments of Heritage‘: is organized and produced by VICENTINA and brings together a diverse range of cultural and artistic areas to create a series of opportunities for significant experiences involving the territory’s tangible and intangible heritage;
  • Any many other programs.

I hope these ideas will help you to have a meaningful and memorable golf holiday in the Algarve in October.

*This article was brought to you by Tee Times Golf Agency.