How to have an unforgettable golf holiday in Italy?

By: April 1, 2019

I know how much planning goes before every golf holiday travel. This is especially true when you are going to a less known golf holiday destination like Italy.

Hence, I thought to help you to have an unforgettable golf holiday in Italy without headaches and feeling of many missed opportunities.

Here we go!

Your first step should be to define what kind of golf holiday would you like to have in Italy (e.g. all-inclusive, luxurious, etc.).

This will help you to pick the right region, city, golf resort and golf club.

I would go to one destination or maximum two. This depends on what do you prefer quality or quantity.

I know many people who prefer to immerse in one golf holiday destination to know all of the golf offers, local culture, but also the local people.

This is a very good option if your golf holiday will last a very few days (e.g. 3-4 days). You’ll feel much less exhausted at the end of your golf holiday.

Golf holiday travel experience

Golf holiday ideas for Italy

A possible scenario can be combining fashion experience with golf holiday by checking what are the options in Milan (the 9th most popular European city in terms of arrivals) and in the surrounding areas.

In case, your wife is not a golfer, she will still be able to enjoy your golf holiday and discover Milan’s famous fashion district.

Another interesting combination is the combination of food experience and golf.

If you are a real food junkie/enthusiastic who is looking for superb culinary experience, then Italy you can combine it very successfully.

Some people are looking for Insta-perfect destinations. For them, the Garda Lake region will be a perfect choice.

Here you can find many great golf holiday inspirations for Italy.

Give yourself time to process the collected golf holiday options and opportunities, especially because Italy can offer so much.

Recently, I heard that it is really smart to start and end a golf holiday in a place where we feel relaxed (e.g. where your friends or family are living).

This is why I am happy to have relatives in Rimini. Close to their home, there are even two 18-hole golf courses.

Gardagolf-country-club-golf-Italy4golf-golf holiday

It can help to have a peace of mind if you find flight tickets for the most reasonable prices (e.g. by using Skyscanner) or the cost of living in those areas, cities where you will spend your golf holiday.

Last, but not least. It is not enough to plan a golf holiday, but how do you keep those great moments in mind.

Here are some creative ideas about how you can remember and enjoy again and again:

  1. Send yourself a postcard;
  2. Bring your social media life by using:;
  3. Hire a professional photographer for your trip:;
  4. Collect something! E.g. golf ball with the logo of the golf club you played; branded pitchfix; golf position marker, branded T-shirt of the golf club you visited, etc.
  5. Sounds and scents are a great reminder of a place.