How to find the key to happiness next to golf in Málaga?

By: June 7, 2021

If you enjoy playing golf in the best weather in Europe, then it is a great idea to look for a gorgeous property in Málaga. People buy property in Málaga for various reasons:

  • as a holiday property,
  • as a getaway to work from home,
  • or if you want to retire by the sea,
  • or if you want to rent it out as an investment.

What is sure, MTSpain can present you your tailor-made home.

Golf vistas in Málaga

How can we help you to find the right property?

Based on our experience and deep market knowledge and considering all the details that are important for you as well as your personal situation we will be able to show you different options that will make you feel comfortable, happy, and in love with your new property.

We see every customer as unique and therefore we offer personalized solutions evaluating together with them all the different aspects that are important to become a successful property owner.

360º Full Service makes us outstanding!

We love what we do, and we are committed to helping you to find the perfect property with heart and soul. We take our customers by hand and guide them through all the process, acting as advisors during the different stages of the transaction, but this is by far not everything.

We clearly understand what it means to set up a new home in a foreign country and the different needs you might have. Therefore, we can offer you complementary services that are in relation to your temporally or permanent relocation to Spain, giving advice on different aspects such as:

  • public or private health insurance,
  • mortgage services,
  • telecommunications, and many more.

And if we cannot help you directly, we will use our broad network to get the right expert for you.

golf resort real estate Málaga Spain

The “Fun Guarantee” you will find in a wonderful place.

Málaga, also known as “Costa del Golf” has the highest concentration of golf courses in Europe. And if that wouldn´t be already fascinating enough, Málaga also offers

  • beautiful beaches,
  • a great cultural variety with nearby cities like Seville, Cádiz, or Granada,
  • next to the best golf courts like Sotogrande, Estepona Golf, La Quinta Golf, Mijas Golf etc.
  • health security,
  • a wide range of sports activities,
  • an amazing gastronomic tradition,
  • the best telecommunications, and
  • the best climate in Europe.

Thus you can enjoy the full year at this location for all your activities with a fully developed tourism infrastructure and fun is guaranteed.

Estepona top apartment Málaga Spain

How could this work in practice? Here an example of a recent customer

This is the case of a German client, who loves golf and is the executive of a multinational company. He decided to come to live in Spain with his family as he can work from home.

He has bought a new home near the best golf course in Marbella, and we have done the support around the relocation.

We have advised him on

  • his private family health insurance,
  • bank account opening,
  • legal advice,
  • search for children’s school,
  • search for gymnasium and extracurricular activities,
  • installation of telecommunications in the new home …

In short, everything that needs to be done so that all is ready when you come to live in your new home, in Spain.

If you have any questions please contact Rosa Castilla: +34  692 139 337  or  +34 620 898 511 or

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