What favors golf tourism in Madeira in 2023?

By: March 27, 2023

This year’s tourism trends are very favorable for Madeira’s golf clubs. If the local golf clubs take advantage skillfully these trends, they can win a lot. I am thinking of these tourism trends:

  • The demand for change in scenery. All of the golf clubs in Madeira are in a very good position!
  • Sustainable, responsible, and rural travel will continue to gain momentum in 2023.
  • More people are embracing completely new and novel experiences in their travel journeys.
  • People are seeking silent retreats and experimental wellness experiences for 2023.
Porto Santo Madeira

Madeira‘s golf tourism promotion plans in 2023

Early this month, Madeira was one of the exhibitors at the Rheingolf Messe in Düsseldorf, Germany – Europe’s largest and leading retail exhibition for golf equipment, golf travel, and golf lifestyles.

This week Madeira will exhibit at the Irish Golf Show from March 31 to April 1 before heading home to prepare for the 2023 International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), which will be held in Lisbon from October 16-19.

Between golf trade shows: Travel Tech & Influencers

If I were Madeira, I would follow the example of Cascais who launched the Golf Passport by Cascais in cooperation with Zest.Golf in October 2022. This could make Madeira Golf Passport more effective.

This could help golf clubs in Madeira to connect directly with golf tour operators, golf apps, etc. and better control their tee time inventory and also avoid barter deals.

Clube de Golf Santo da Serra Madeira
Golf tourism promotion & Influencers

We always ask our friends and relatives for advice for our next golf holiday because we trust them. We also prefer recommendations from independent experts instead of the recommendations of brands.

Personal experiences are much more persuasive than any brand message. If so, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

More and more golf clubs and destinations understand that they need to move more budget to influencer marketing as a more effective and accessible means of communication with golf tourists.

It can also be a highly effective way to attract and connect with an audience authentically, particularly in the current economic environment (see inflation). Hence, the partnership with niche and micro-influencers is gaining momentum.

We should not be lazy to find the right macro-influencers (between 100,000 & 1M followers) micro-influencers (between 10-100,000 followers) and nano-influencers (less than 10,000 followers).

Macro and mega influencers are excellent choices if you want to generate awareness for your product or service.

Palheiro Golf Club Madeira

In my experience as a micro-influencer – with over 60,000 followers – is that micro-influencers should be used if you’re ready to start generating more focused leads.

Influencers can be great assets for brands’ affiliate marketing programs. The line between affiliates and influencers is becoming increasingly blurred as influencer platforms integrate with eCommerce

Statista predicts that in 2023 sales via social media platforms across the world will add up to $1.298 billion. Its popularity is showing no signs of dying down and further predictions anticipate that it will reach nearly $3 trillion by 2026.