What striking can Forbes Advisor show about the best European golf destinations?

By: May 18, 2023

The Forbes Advisor made an attempt to rank European golf destinations based on new and not-so-new criteria:

  • number and quality of courses,
  • value for money,
  • green fees,
  • courses that are ranked as world-class,
  • and annual sunshine, and rainfall. 

Forbes Advisor claims both amateur players and industry experts, played a significant role in the rankings, as did affordability of green fees cost versus experience.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out how much weight the various metrics are given in the evaluation. I also missed the non-golf amenities and family-friendly factors from the list of criteria.

Forbes Advisor relied on the findings and statistics of Leadingcourses.com and Top100golfcourses.com. They added the annual sunlight and annual precipitation statistics too.

Forbes Advisor TOP 10 European golf holiday destinations

It’s just a small thing that Forbes Advisor writes Faro instead of Algarve. The name Algarve means more to golf tourists. Similarly, I would rather use Costa Brava, Costa del Sol instead of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

If we are talking about value for money then where is Cyprus or Bulgaria from this list? I can immediately recommend 2 Cyprian golf resorts:

  • Minthis,
  • Aphrodite Hills Golf – PGA National Cyprus

If I were a golf destination/resort, I would….

Although review sites are excellent places to discover a new golf holiday destination or simply find new insights, cooperation with influencers is unavoidable.

Skift says influencers can impact travelers during the early decision-making process. I am expecting that TikTok and Instagram Reels will have a much bigger role in golf tourism marketing and golf destination discovery as our attention span continues to shrink.

About 34% of travelers were influenced by TikTok in 2022, a 10 percentage point increase from 2021, according to a Portrait of American Travelers.

What else would be good to understand is that nano (1K-10K followers) and micro-influencers (10K-100K) can really help us achieve our business goals. The reason behind it is the level of engagement with their readers and followers.

Some companies are offering a percentage of sales or a flat rate to influencers in exchange for cooperation.