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Callaway Golf reinvents the spikeless golf shoes

By: 2013. 11. 01.

In this year I have already discussed twice the topic of spikeless golf shoes. In March I wrote about the war between FootJoy and Softspikes and in August about Ashworth's spikeless golf shoes. As we all know the…

Ashworth Golf changes to shorts

By: 2013. 05. 13.

Recurrent excuse why people do not want to play golf is the conservative dress code. The regular answer to the accusation is: we are traditionalists. Somewhere this debate reminds me a previous dispute about the belly putters. It…

Limited issue signature golf shirt from Ashworth

By: 2013. 05. 02.

There is a hot debate in these days about golf club dress codes and in general about the style of golf attire. What I see at Ashworth is that they are still designing low-key clothes. As they say…