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Callway Golf ERC Soft golf ball technology image

How Callaway’s ERC Soft golf ball achieved outstanding results?

By: 2021. 02. 12.

I could not resist not writing about Callaway Golf's latest golf ball the ERC Soft golf ball. What really caught my attention in the new Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is the use of the PARALOID™ Impact Modifier…

Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball 2020 Hero-Concept-03

What makes the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball go further?

By: 2020. 02. 13.

Two years ago I highlighted that Callaway Golf used graphene its Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. It seems like the graphene insert in the Dual SoftFast™ Core has worked well for Callaway Golf. In the latest Callaway Chrome…

Phil Mickelson continues with Callaway Golf

By: 2014. 10. 29.

As it was expectable Phil Mickelson is continuing to work with Callaway Golf as a Staff Pro. Phil Mickelson has signed a multiyear extension with Callaway Golf. As a Staff Pro, he will continue to play Callaway clubs, a Callaway golf…

Callaway Golf partners with LinkedIn

By: 2013. 04. 24.

So far I have not found reason to write explicitly about Callaway Golf. I "upbraided" Callaway Golf for not exploiting and utilizing social media (e.g. crowdsourcing). Yesterday Callaway Golf launched a social media networking campaign (as a matter of fact…