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Why women are important in golf tourism?

By: 2013. 04. 15.

In 2009 I started to realize when I talked with my business partners from various industries that there is a dramatic shift toward women as primary influencer in many business situations (tourism, health, car etc.). It isn't a…

Golf participation in Europe 2010

By: 2010. 11. 25.

Those who are familiar with the golf industry they know that KPMG prepares from year to year a survey about golf course development and golf participation trends. 2010 is not an exception. ;) Since the last decade of…

Fresh blood in golf: Powerplay Golf

By: 2009. 10. 09.

Golf seems to be constant where history could not change anything to it. Or not? We are always worried by the declining number of golf players in US and elsewhere, plus the average age of player is getting…