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Innovative golf course membership pricing

By: 2012. 10. 15.

Unfortunately this year Goowood golf club fell out from the TOP100 list of Golf Monthly. However they have an interesting golf club membership pricing model. Two years ago I wrote that we should find out a new golf club membership pricing…

Wrestlers on golf courses

By: 2010. 02. 20.

We would think golf is a peaceful sport and game, but there are companies that think differently. Namely, Armourbite came out with a teeth-protector. To justify themselves, they say (and it is true in general) that when we…

Asian golf balls are rising

By: 2009. 10. 08.

While golf ball manufacturers are stampeding us into lure of branding, it is worth to look around in golf ball market. When I am considering to buy new golf ball, I always consider my wallet size and handicap…