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Callaway Golf partners with LinkedIn

By: 2013. 04. 24.

So far I have not found reason to write explicitly about Callaway Golf. I "upbraided" Callaway Golf for not exploiting and utilizing social media (e.g. crowdsourcing). Yesterday Callaway Golf launched a social media networking campaign (as a matter of fact…

Where is a true golf social networking site?

By: 2012. 10. 07.

As we all know there is a social network for every audience. Golf is not an exeption. For this reason I made a little research to find out if there is any golf social networking site and what…

PGA golfers on Twitter

By: 2009. 09. 06.

It is very likely that PGA golf players are also discovering the social media to boost their popularity and indirectly their sponsors, the golf equipment manufacturers. Today I found an interesting website (https://twitter-athletes.com)that collects Twitter accounts of sportsmen…