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Prostate Cancer UK 202209_Little Aston_Golf Merchandise shoot_Rosie Lonsdale

Join Prostate Cancer UK’s Mixed Pairs fundraising campaign now!

By: 2024. 06. 12.

I am slowly reaching the age when I have to pay much more attention to health problems that I previously only heard about. Don't worry; I'm perfectly healthy. The point is that I want to live much more…

DP World Tour Green Drive trees

How does DP World Tour promote its Green Drive program?

By: 2023. 07. 05.

Trees greatly enhance our well-being, and their benefits cannot be overstated. Let me share with you 10 ways in which trees greatly benefit us. Trees produce oxygen. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees help to regulate…

Keith Mitchell Headshot 2022 Golf Lottery

How can Golf Lottery help to drive nationwide charities?

By: 2022. 06. 07.

The name - Golf Lottery - of the initiative might be misleading. However, this is a bold & creative charity solution/platform. I only found one statistic about golf's money-raising capabilities. In 2019, the PGA Tour and its tournaments…