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How to make public golf facilities sustainable?

By: 2019. 03. 26.

When I read recently the Golf Environment Organization's (GEO) ‘Sustainable Golf Development – Public Facilities Guidelines’ Olivier Denis-Massé's (Chief Marketing Officer, French Golf Federation) guest article came to my mind. In regarding hosting the 2018 Ryder Cup, he…

Public golf courses in “hybrid way”

By: 2009. 09. 17.

Toyota came out recently with an interesting website to promote its Prius and the idea of environment protection. What is the connection between Toyota Prius and public golf courses? Environment consciousness is gaining momentum, not just in the…

Who cares about Golf Digest’s TOP100?

By: 2009. 09. 12.

Many publishers (e.g. Golf Magazine, Golf Digest) think if they create TOP50/100/200/500 lists of companies, influencers etc. Sounds familiar? Yes, of course. We also know that the unhidden goal to sale more copies. In the era of web…