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Wilson DUO Soft+ golf ball-tech image with black background

How soft is the new Wilson DUO Soft+ golf ball?

By: 2020. 01. 22.

I was anxiously awaiting the end of the embargo and sharing it with you the details about the new Wilson DUO Soft+ golf ball. The DUO Soft+ is a premium 2-piece golf ball. Wilson claims that the new…

In 10 days will arrive Srixon’s 3rd generation Q-STAR golf ball

By: 2015. 08. 04.

The 3rd generation Srixon Q-STAR golf ball is designed for mid to high handicap golfers who demand premium performance. Srixon believes that the new Q-STAR golf ball delivers exceptional performance in all aspects of the game at every swing speed unlike other all-ability…

Callaway invented the softest golf ball ever

By: 2014. 01. 11.

The battle to invent the softest golf ball is keeps going on. In January 2013, I reported about Wilson Staff DUO golf balls that have a compression of 40 (out of 110 - but the complate scale ends at 200).…

Do you believe in low compression golf balls?

By: 2013. 01. 02.

I am always skeptical when I read about "product of the year" or about any similar titles. It is also true regarding golf balls (check out my previous post about GolfBallSelector.com). On the website of GolfBallTest.org I came across…