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Will PowaKaddy’s new videos cut through the noise on YouTube?

By: 2021. 06. 28.

PowaKaddy has created a set of high-tech product (5) videos showcasing the pioneering 2021 trolley range. I wouldn’t say that PowaKaddy is an early adopter of YouTube for brand communication. In the second half of this article, I will…

What can make your golf instruction business better? – part 2

By: Maria Palozola 2015. 01. 12.

We are conitnuing Maria Palozola's previous post where she started to list her 5 key performance factors: 2)  Email Marketing All the instructors agreed that growing a big Email List whether it's through private lessons, outings, your website, your newsletter, etc.,…

What can make your golf instruction business better?

By: Maria Palozola 2015. 01. 12.

Recently I met with Maria Palozola, a Top 50 Instructor with the LPGA and asked about her golf instruction business challenges. I was interested in what kind of tools and solutions does she use to acquire and retain customers/golfers.  …

Can video save the golf star?

By: 2014. 11. 24.

For many years the primary access to videos was our computer. Today they primary access points are mobiles and tablets. Did you now that 40% of the YouTube videos are seen on mobile? I see correlation between mobile…

How much worth to pay for a golf club?

By: 2009. 11. 10.

Slowly but for sure I am arriving to that stage in my golf learning that I will have to select my golf equipment, golf clubs, golf balls and golf bag. It would not be a big issue if…

Golf Digest’s latest golf award – so what?

By: 2009. 09. 24.

New year, new competition. 64 golf clubs, 46,000 people participated and 600,000 criteria evaluations were collected in the latest survey of Golf World (Golf Digest). Such survey and competition was relevant and useful when there was no online…