What could make the Laguna Golf Lang Co more memorable?

By: September 15, 2020

In my previous post last December I wrote about the importance of developing memorable moments for our golf club/resort’s guests and members.

Then I said:

We must avoid flat/”mostly forgettable” experiences and create moments that matter to our customers. „Defining moments” are both memorable and meaningful. 

Let’s keep in mind what Neal Schaffer says in his latest book (“The age of influence“) too:

Humans are visual animals. We should incite word-of-mouth conversation about our brand. Today, audiences are on social and digital.

Laguna Golf Lang Co 19th Hole creates an idyllic natural links experience for golfers'

Laguna Golf Lang Co made an attempt to create another defining moment when it asked Sir Nick Faldo to design a new, coastal par-3 to add an original hole at the award-winning course.

This is not a brand new idea. It conceived during the Faldo Series Asia Grand Final in 2018.

The location of the new hole is a good opportunity to stage an idyllic natural links experience, with panoramic views of the course’s neighboring beach and mountain backdrop framing the extraordinary setting.

Sir Nick Faldo Laguna Golf Lang Co 19th hole during the planning

The hole plays parallel to the coastline and can stretch to 155 yards from the back tees. However, with multiple pin location options and an exposed design which invites onshore winds, the hole creates a strategic three-club challenge depending on the set-up.

Additionally, the framing dwarf dunes, mounds, and swales provide visual deception whilst a Biarritz-style swale feature splits the green on the left side to define the front and back segments.

Should players miss the green, the surrounding close-cut Trinity grass, and protruding sandy waste carry areas from the beach present multiple shot options to test players’ green side recovery.

Hardelot GC selfie spot

Selfie spot – leveraging visual influence

We should harness the true power of the people. The French Hardelot Golf Club is one of the many golf clubs who have already thought about inciting word-of-mouth communication by creating so-called selfie spots.

Because of the authenticity of such photos (made by the golfer/guest = someone “more like me”), the credibility of the visual message is bigger.

People trust much more peer group members, friends, and family than brands.

A Nielsen study found that 92% of people likely to trust the recommendation of a friend.

For similar reasons, I would display on the Laguna Golf Lang Co website guests’ tweets, Facebook posts, etc. that show how much they enjoyed their stay at this Vietnamese golf resort.

I go one step further. Let’s share our guests’ posts (where we are featuring) in our social media communication. It is a nice way to say thank you for them + helps to enhance the trust in our services.

If you need more ideas then drop me an email: mikibreitner@gmail.com.