Golf holiday: Who can resist to the unlimited golf concept?

By: July 18, 2018

Recently, I was surprised to discover an interesting golf holiday package offer, the ‘unlimited golf concept‘ at Tee Times Golf Agency, a leading Portuguese golf travel agency.

I know you can find something similar in the Marriott Experiences program, but it is limited to participating golf courses. Or you can mention also the Moon Spa & Golf Club in Cancun (Mexico) where if you book 3 nights or more can play unlimited rounds of golf at the Moon Spa & Golf Club, Riviera Cancun Golf Club, and Grand Coral Golf Course.

In the case of Tee Times Golf Agency‘s offer what I like is that they only limit the daily number of rounds: 36 holes in the same day. I think it is a realistic and fair number. This is available for both Portuguese and Spanish golf holiday packages.

Something similar to Tee times Golf Agency’s unlimited golf concept I found only in Germany. Bavaria4Golf offers at Quellness Golf Resort at Bad Griesbach: for 285 Euros/person:

  • 2 nights,
  • 2 days unlimited golf on an available course.

Unlimited golf package concept and golf holiday

Experience economy & the unlimited golf concept

I hope it is obvious to you that even golf tourists are looking for experience-based holidays.

Golf tourists are looking for doing stuff and not buying stuff.  Just think of the initiative of the PGA Catalunya Resort‘s (Spain) on-site vineyard, the Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa (Portugal) is offering the opportunity to cycle and trek + improve self-awareness by wellness services.

Accenture says in its Travel Trends 2018 report:

  • It is highly recommended to come up with intelligence based modules that are flexible and adapt to the traveler. This way travel agencies can ensure the best combination of services and products, to offer a customized experience package.
  • Travelers expect unprecedented levels of flexibility.

So why not to offer an unlimited golf experience?

Les Golfs d'Hardelot Share with Us point for The Club Café

The status symbols are changing as well. In the past, it used to be our car, or house or mobile showed our status today what matters is the experience we have and go through.

Social media and mobile technology have got a big role in this change as we like to share our selfie photos in social media (see the French example above: Les Golfs d’Hardelot) by a single click or even to have a live video (see Facebook Live, Periscope etc.).

Generation X & the unlimited golf concept

The Expedia Media Solution study found that the Generation X (those born between 1965-1980) and the Millennials traveled the most in 2017 (both business & private).

Here I would not discuss and explain why golf destinations, golf resorts, and clubs should be prepared for the Millennial golf tourists and golf club members. While we are talking about this generation quite a lot, we should not forget the Generation X who tend to have the most buying power ($2.33 trillion) and financial freedom of any generation right now.

Generation X is now the second largest generation in the workforce today. Did you know that 68% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations are Gen Xers?

Expedia says Millennials and Generation X desire relaxation, such as the beach or spa time, more than anything else. What Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z share in common is the need for convenience when it comes to booking everything in one place.

Since they are more family-focused (vs Millennials) they will welcome golf holiday packages that satisfy his family needs.

This is why I think the unlimited golf offer like Tee Times Agency‘s offer has a high relevancy.