Golf’s direct economic impact in Florida was $8.2 billion in 2013

By: January 29, 2015

In the latest Golf 20/20 report I found that golf’s direct economic impact in Florida was $8.2 billion in 2013, an increase from $7.5 billion in 2007. How is this possible when golf participation is declining. In last December The Economist wrote that  in 2013 around 25 million people played golf in the U.S., 18% fewer than did so in 2006, although the population grew by 6%.

So I can only imagine that the growth is a result of higher golf club membership and tee time prices.

Golf 20 per 20

Just to share the findings of Golf 20/20…

The size of Florida’s direct golf economy is larger than key state industries like amusement and theme parks ($5.4 billion) and medical equipment and supplies manufacturing ($6.5 billion). When indirect and induced economic activity driven by the golf sector is taken into consideration, total impact increases to $11 billion.


The state’s golf industry supports 132,532 jobs and $3.6 billion in wage income. Florida is home to 1,103 golf courses, the most of any U.S. state. 6% of U.S. golf courses are in Florida.