The new OnCourse application comes with improved features

By: October 27, 2017

As we are entering the Early Order Program period of the year, it is also great to get equipped with an upgraded, improved decision support application the OnCourse.

For some of you, it might remind you Toro’s “The Internet of Turf” (a virtual ecosystem of Toro), but it is much more plus gives you the opportunity for networking or even utilize the wisdom of crowds. Toro Foundation is among the supporters of OnCourse application.

What can we get from the new OnCourse application?

New features:

  1. A practical one-stop solution that helps courses easily assess and record their practices, find ideas and guidance for improvement, and then promote their value to nature, resources, and community.
  2. Library: OnCourse provides golf with a collective system to build an expansive library of shared examples and anonymous data – giving the sport a considerable new bank evidence to strengthen golf’s image and influence.

The Golf Environment Organization invested in the usability of the application as well. They promise that the new OnCourse application has got an easier, faster interface plus:

  • finding and sharing ideas,
  • tracking progress,
  • data storage and highlights,
  • annual report and webpages will be effortless.

OnCourse app

The application development was supported among the others by:

  • The R&A,
  • European Tour,
  • Ryder Cup Europe,
  • Textron Golf,
  • Toro Foundation,
  • John Deere and
  • Vidauban Foundation.

The regular subscription will be €300/£300/$350 and anyone registered before the end of 2017 will receive 25% off their 2018 subscription. In Sweden and Portugal OnCourse is being subsidized by the National Golf Federations and in the Netherlands, the transition to the upgraded version is being carefully supported in the coming months.

Your Turn

What is your experience so far with the OnCourse application?