Sentosa Golf Club sets an example, in sustainability for Singapore

By: July 28, 2020

I just read the Climate Action Tracker report on Singapore. There was nothing bright in it on Singapore. It says

Singapore’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) emissions target is very weak compared to currently implemented policies.

We rate Singapore’s NDC 2030 target “Highly insufficient”, meaning that Singapore’s climate commitments are not in line with any interpretation of a “fair” approach to the former 2°C goal, let alone the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C limit.

The very same report found Singapore has expanded its solar energy capacity in recent years, going from 26 MW of installed Solar-PV capacity in 2014 to 202 MW in Q2 2019.

I would mention in brackets that the EU is committing to be carbon neutral by 2050, and European countries creating ambitious carbon reduction roadmaps to 2030. Germany and France are leading in renewable energy installation.

While reading this not so flattering criticism, it is good to discover positive examples from Singapore.

Sentosa Golf Club announces partnership with GEO Foundation

Sentosa Golf Club & GEO Foundation partnership

The cooperation with the Golf Environment Organization is not a new development. The Singaporean Sentosa Golf Club in cooperation with The R&A and the Golf Environment Organization launched in 2018 its Singapore Open Agronomy Volunteer Program.

Also in 2018, Sentosa Golf Club launched its #KeepItGreen campaign.

Now the Singaporean golf club is moving forward and tightening its cooperation with the GEO Foundation.

The partnership will see the integration of GEO’s industry-leading OnCourse® program and GEO Certified ® label with Sentosa Golf Club’s ‘green-culture’ that has seen the club establish itself as a regional and
international leader in best-practice.

Andrew Johnston, General Manager & Director of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club, said:

“This is an important partnership for Sentosa Golf Club. Working closely with the GEO Foundation is a natural next step on our ongoing journey, which will help us elevate the impact of our sustainability practice; creating new opportunities through education and responsible leadership, providing widespread benefits to a broad spectrum of stakeholders and championing innovation to set new benchmarks in such a crucial sector.”

Sentosa Golf Club and The R&A Unveil 'Champions Grove' Alongside Competitors

I am curious when it will be obvious when a golf club spends on sustainability. I hope within a reasonable time.