How BIGGA is supporting wildlife conservation on golf courses?

By: November 11, 2020

In the last four years, I wrote almost 20 articles about the importance of wildlife conservation on golf courses. Little or much?

It is never enough to talk and take action on this area of sustainability (e.g. Syngenta’s Operation Pollinator). In the second half of this article, I will share with you great examples of wildlife conservation on golf courses around the globe.

wildlife conservation Robin at Clitheroe Golf Club

What made me write about the importance of wildlife conservation on golf courses is the new partnership between The R&A, RSPB, and the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association.

Wildlife conservation on golf courses on a new level

The British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association has established a formal relationship with the RSPB and The R&A’s partnership to explore collaborative opportunities to increase awareness and support for biodiversity conservation on golf courses.

The greenkeeper association’s relationship with the RSPB and The R&A will help facilitate mainstream wildlife conservation on golf courses, by

  • promoting best practice and providing inspiration for greenkeeping teams who would like to promote biodiversity at their golf facilities. 

Dr. Marie Athorn will present at BIGGA educational events including its flagship event, Continue to Learn, and offer help and advice for greenkeeping teams to make the most of the opportunities for the promotion of ecology on their golf courses.

wildlife conservation Lapwing at Avro Golf Club

The relationship and the BIGGA platform will also be used to raise awareness and encourage participation in partnership case studies and research, such as trialing management of nature-based solutions.

BIGGA will also support the RSPB and The R&A in achieving the partnership’s goals by providing support whenever possible, such as by hosting guidance notes on the BIGGA website.

wildlife conservation Owl at Montrose Golf Club

Wildlife conservation on golf courses – best practices

Until this cooperation speeds up, here are some good wildlife conservation examples:

  1. Saadiyat Beach Golf Club – participating in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses (ACSP) to develop effective conservation and wildlife enhancement programs.
  2. Al Mouj Golf – has been GEO Certified since August 2017. Trying to save 173 species of birds.
  3. Prince’s Golf Club – The Prince’s Golf Club is cooperating among the others with Natural England and the Wildlife Trusts.
  4. Conchal Golf Club and Beach Club – an Audubon International-certified golf course. This program monitors 6 areas: Environmental planning | Wildlife and habitat management | Chemical usage reduction and safety | Water conservation | Water quality management | Outreach and education.