See how Antognolla Golf has successfully achieved GEO Certified status!

By: January 14, 2022

If I count correctly, Antognolla Golf is the twelfth Italian GEO Certified golf club! Antognolla Golf has:

  • Met the required certification criteria for sustainable golf operations.
  • Successfully completed the official third-party verification process.
  • Successfully passed the final evaluation by GEO Certification Ltd. (autonomous subsidiary of GEO Foundation).
Antognolla Golf GEO Certified

Antognolla Golf‘s Director of Golf César Burguière said

“Attaining GEO Certified® status has been a long but very rewarding process which validates our hard work and our commitment to be recognized as one of the sustainability leaders in Italy. This was also a team effort and we couldn’t be more proud of all our associates who were involved in the process”.

Paolo Croce (GEO accredited independent verifier) said

Antognolla Golf has great ecological potential, due to its size, present habitats, and non-use of pesticides. It is a highly sensitive, low-population density area and this should be considered with any future development.

The course is well-designed and well-maintained within the surrounding environment and the staff are of the highest level. There is a commitment to changing the turfgrass on tees and fairways in 2022 and this has already begun.

Antognolla Golf by night and its golf course

Sustainability & customers’ expectations in 2022

I have just read the Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2021 study. It found

  • Consumers a looking for protection from climate change;
  • Millennials are the core sustainability target market, but almost without exception the 55+ segments agree most strongly that their behaviour ‘can make a positive difference to the environment’.

Golf clubs that take themselves seriously all should become GEO Certified as soon as possible. Sustainability is the new “normal”. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments look at the long-term impact on the environment and have become a scorching hot trend. 

I am curious when will Antognolla Golf become carbon neutral. Sentosa Golf Club’s plan is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.