What should Concor Golf improve at GNK Golf’s 4 Nicklaus championship courses?

By: January 4, 2022

You probably haven’t heard much of the Luxemburg-based Concor Golf yet even though it was founded by golf industry veteran Jon Schauder (20+ years at Troon).

What really caught me in Concor Golf’s results-oriented approach and low-risk proposition are designed for aligned interests with its facility owners and form the foundation of its business model.

Concor Golf’s partners have been directly involved in over 100+ golf facilities around the world including development and operating projects, across all segments from residential to destination resorts.  The company is currently providing services to facilities in Europe, South America, and Africa. 

Concor Golf GNK Golf with great bunker

Concor Golf’s largest multi-course site in Spain, GNK Golf’s portfolio, includes 4 Jack Nicklaus designed championship golf courses in the Murcia area:

  1. La Torre Golf;
  2. El Valle Golf;
  3. Hacienda Riquelme Golf;
  4. Alhama Signature: designed by Jack Nicklaus himself.

With an official start date of January 1st, the partnership has already begun updating back-of-house functions utilizing Concor Golf’s business intelligence platform, with the data analytics having produced new 2022 membership plans and simplified pricing structures for flexibility and enhanced booking capabilities. 

Membership and resident offerings have also been designed according to blockchain frameworks so premium product categories involving non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) are possibilities for membership and residential ownership. 

Throughout 2022, Concor Golf will add in supporting structures and resources with strategic alliances to revamp the commercial proposition, enhance engagement with the business and revisit environmental practices.  Additional announcements and initiatives are forthcoming.

Concor Golf GNK Golf Nicklaus Designed golf course

Enrique Herrero, Director General, GNK Golf said

“What Jon Schauder and Concor Golf bring to the business will enable us to utilise the best resources and alliances to take our facilities to a higher standard of quality and efficiency of operation. 

Their professionalism to create a mutually-aligned structure made for a valuable proposition.”

Jon Schauder added,

“GNK Golf occupies a unique position in the Europe market with its cluster portfolio of championship golf courses.  We thank the shareholders and staff for the opportunity to bring our progressive approach and expertise to the business and its future.

There is so much potential we are looking forward to introducing new perspectives and fine tuning the business for success, together.” 

Concor Golf GNK Golf Nicklaus Designed golf course 2

My wishes

I hope Jon Schauder and Concor Golf will help GNK Golf to

  1. Personalize services, marketing, communication messages, etc. to the highest level for a better customer experience.
  2. Utilize conversational marketing (e.g. chatbots, live chat, etc.) and turn its client’s website into an interactive website where customers can have a meaningful conversation about golf, real estate, etc. offers and services.
  3. Develop exceptional employee experience – by focusing on the physical, technological, and cultural environments – to achieve a high level of employee engagement. Exceptional employee experience will help you to outperform the competitors. The process of improving the employee experience is very similar to how we improve customer experience.
  4. Turn the venues into a customer champion by developing an actionable customer database.