What is left out of upgrading La Cala’s iconic clubhouse area?

By: May 30, 2022

La Cala, the 4-star golf resort in Spain, has just completed the upgrade of its clubhouse area. I dared to think that resort owners and managers will take advantage of the opportunity to apply solutions that improve specific customer experience elements but also do something for sustainability.

When you are renovating your clubhouse or building a new one, you must align your design principles and technical solutions with sustainability principles.

La Cala Clubhouse 3_resized

Let me give you an example. The new Costa Navarino clubhouse is based on the doctrine of bioclimatic architecture, it features planted roofs, which will, ultimately, include a total of 27,500 plants and trees – both around the clubhouse and on its roof – as well as materials and systems that maximize the building’s energy efficiency.

The La Cala Resort is participating in GEO Foundation’s OnCourse program. In line with the principles of the program, they upgraded their golf courses and bunkers.

They could have applied the principles of sustainability (e.g. carbon neutrality; zero food waste, etc.) in the upgrade of their clubhouse area too.

La Cala Clubnhouse 2_resized

La Cala Resort – enhanced clubhouse area

As a result of the enhancement, we will be able to enjoy

  • an extended terrace comprising both shaded and unshaded areas, with plenty of different seating options,
  • 2 new pergolas on each side of the terrace have been added, with laid-back sofas and chairs also available.
  • the terrace area has been extended to accommodate more seating areas, providing more golfers and clients the chance to enjoy this space. There will also be distinct sections with different ambiances to experience.
  • new furniture will be added and put in place both on the terrace and in the cool and calming canopy area, completing the final, finishing touches to this project.
  • next winter will see further improvements to the inside area of the clubhouse with the addition of expansive glass windows to bring the outside in.

La Cala is also making improvements to the hotel’s striking Panoramic Bar with more tables and seating spaces, plus a new menu.

La Cala Clubhouse 1