Why did Morpeth Golf Club invest now in new John Deere golf course equipment?

By: April 28, 2023

Two years ago we heard that the new management of Morpeth Golf Club was planning to invest £1m to enhance and upgrade the golf club.

As part of the investment

  • extensive refurbishment of the clubhouse has already been completed, with a contemporary new bar and dining area being installed;
  • new locker room and upgraded shower facilities were introduced.

I heard that they would like to enhance the dining experience in the clubhouse too. Write about the changes and developments – in the comments – you have experienced in the club in recent years.

John Deere Morpeth Golf Club-7

A more positive and profitable future is being spearheaded by general manager Chris Liddell and course manager John Scurfield whose new strategy has included a significant investment in new course machinery from John Deere.

Chris Liddell joined the club in January to support its development through the bar and catering aspect of the business. As a former regional director for branded hospitality groups such as Pizza Express and TGI Friday’s, Chris has also been a member of Morpeth Golf Club for 20 years.

Morpeth Golf Club has 650 playing golf club members, with over 20 more joining since the New Year. Chris projects the club could have about 750 members by the end of the year.

Chris said

“What will be pivotal in growing the club in the future is not only appealing to our current membership, but also broadening our appeal to the wider community. A part of what we have to do here is appeal to every demographic.”

John Deere Morpeth Golf Club-2

One aspect he wants to rejuvenate is the junior golf initiatives by developing an academy membership for young golfers to progress.

To maintain the club’s growth, the stunning parkland course must be maintained to the highest standard, which is helped by Morpeth Golf Club’s long-standing relationship with John Deere dealer Thomas Sheriff & Co.

Morpeth’s latest investment includes

  • an 8000A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower,
  • an HPX 815E Work Utility Gator,
  • a 2550 E-Cut Riding Greens Mower,
  • an HD 200 Precision Sprayer, and
  • a 2030A Gator. All the machines are on a five-year finance lease with John Deere Financial.

All the machines are on a 5-year finance lease with John Deere Financial. The club is interested in looking into John Deere’s GPS technology for future investments,

Employee experience matters a LOT!

When the course manager John Scurfield says “One thing I brought back was that staff morale is so important. (after a business trip to Royal Cinque Ports and Royal Liverpool Golf Club among the others) it tells he understood the importance of positive and respectful working environments.

Today, it is not enough to have an attractive company culture but to be able to help golf club employees reach far better mental well-being. For instance,

  • norms and expectations of work-life balance;
  • leaders are providing clarity and direction,
  • include health-related activities,
  • create fun communities of interest (e.g. book clubs, music clubs, movie recommendations, etc.)
  • encourage your golf club employees to share health & well-being stories,
  • say thanks & demonstrate an appreciation for your employees’ work, etc.