The COO of BIGGA became Director of Education at Bernhard Academy

By: December 8, 2023

Yesterday, I shared some news about Sami Strutt, who has decided to step down as COO of the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association.

After dedicating 30 years of service to the organization, Sami has decided to move on to new opportunities.

The news has just come that Bernhard University has appointed her as its new director of education.

Strutt will take the reins at the Bernhard Academy in the spring of 2024. The current Director of Education for the Bernhard Academy, Craig Haldane, will take a step back from running day-to-day operations at the end of January.

Sami Strutt BIGGA Continue to Learn educational program since 1994

The Bernhard Academy is located at Bernhard and Company’s factory in Haverhill, with further satellite training facilities around the UK.

Strutt and her team will continue to develop new training modules to complement the existing range of existing programs designed to help greenkeepers, equipment managers, and turf professionals take their performance to the next level.

The Bernhard Academy unveiled its all-new educational course program in October, which is now available for booking at its 3 Academy sites around the UK via the new Bernhard Academy website.

Each of the new courses will be delivered in a world-class learning environment at either Moortown Golf Club or Royal Norwich Golf Club in England – in addition to the Bernhard Academy headquarters in Haverhill – and Gleneagles in Scotland.

There will also be an interactive online webinar series, which will be delivered live from the Bernhard Academy in Haverhill.

The Bernhard Academy workshops – ‘Grinding Perfection and Cutting Unit Setup’ – available to book as part of BIGGA’s Continue to Learn program at BTME 2024, were among the first to sell out completely due to extremely high demand.