What constitutes a record-breaking year of performance for Burhill Group?

By: March 4, 2024

BGL (Burhill Group Limited) has announced that its golf division, BGL Golf, is celebrating a record-breaking year of performance in 2023, with

  • a 10% revenue increase,
  • a significant investment and refurbishment program,
  • an ‘excellent’ group NPS rating, and
  • the implementation of a new sustainability program that has positioned the company as the flagbearer for sustainability in the UK golf industry.
Burhill Group award winners

Across all 10 golf venues, membership bases continue to be strong with higher retention rates than ever previously, and improving NPS (consumer survey) scores also demonstrate that customers feel valued and consider that the products they are receiving are continuing to improve.

In 2023, the group received an ‘excellent’ NPS rating, with a score of 54 – a marked increase on previous years’ scores. Creators of NPS, Bain & Company, suggest a score above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world-class.

To achieve above-average performance, a score that exceeds 50 is required. Thus, it is essential to concentrate on converting Detractors into Passives. This will require a strategic approach addressing the underlying causes of customer dissatisfaction.

By implementing this strategy, it is possible to elevate the levels of customer satisfaction, thus positively impacting the overall business performance.

Burhill Group investments

Throughout 2023, Burhill Group invested upwards of £4.1 million into refurbishments and facility enhancements across its golf portfolio. This included:

  • a £400k investment into a state-of-the-art Trackman driving range facility and hospitality area at Thornbury Golf Centre;
  • a pledge of over £1 million in investment into the Abbey Hill Golf Centre clubhouse and golf course renovations;
  • an all-new Trackman driving range at The Shropshire, creating the region’s go-to practice facility;
  • multiple investments at the group’s flagship golf venue, Burhill Golf Club, to overhaul the professional shop and storage areas;
  • and an upgrade to industry-leading health and fitness equipment at Birchwood Park Golf and Country Club
Nick Moran GM of the Year Golf Division Burhill Group

Colin Mayes, CEO of Burhill Group, said:

“Burhill Group Limited’s golf division delivered a record-breaking year in 2023. Across the portfolio of 10 golf venues around the country, revenue increased by 10%, yielding a 6% increase in operating profit.

These significant increases reflect the company’s philosophy of continuous investment in business facilities and team members to secure the highest possible standards for the benefit of members and customers.”