What synergies could the Tagmarshal & Club Caddie partnership have?

By: June 3, 2024

Tagmarshal, the market leader in optimizing on-course operations and pace-of-play management, has just partnered with Club Caddie.

Tagmarshal and Club Caddie have aligned their focus on daily-fee courses and country clubs, solidifying their dedication to optimizing operations and enhancing the golfing experience for both facilities and players.

Tagmarshal Club Caddie partnership

Golf clubs can utilize Tagmarshal’s player profiling and data-analytic tools. These tools can help personalize the golfer experience, customize services and marketing activities, and enhance relationships with golfers.

Another benefit is the ROI optimization and greater control of on-course operations (see additional green fee revenues).

Club Caddie courses will be able to optimize tee-time allocation, monitor individual golfers’ pace of play in real-time, and streamline staff workflows by accessing the tee sheet within Tagmarshal’s system.

This integration will significantly enhance productivity, particularly given the ongoing labor shortages at many courses and the consistently high player demand.

Increasing operational efficiency is imperative to enable smaller teams to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Jason Pearsall, CEO of Club Caddie, says

“Our goal has always been to help golf course operators become more efficient and improve their bottom line.

By combining Tagmarshal’s advanced pace and flow of play management and data analytics capabilities with our tee-sheet management system, we can offer more value to our clients.

This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to enhance the operational efficiency of golf courses, ultimately benefiting both operators and golfers.”

Club Caddie is transitioning into an all-encompassing – all-in-one – golf club management software, amplifying its appeal and benefits.

This transformation will serve to fortify its overall value proposition.

Needless to say, thanks to the cooperation with Club Caddie, Tagmarshal can further strengthen its presence in the American market and gain more awareness.