Monte Rei starts to measure customer experience in a new way

By: January 28, 2015

59Club has just launched its new product 'Stay & Play' an in-depth, statistical customer experience analysis. 59Club recommends to see the customer experience from a broader experience the total customer journey. The first golf club to utilize this customer experience measurement solution is Monte Rei Golf & Country Club.

The ‘Stay & Play' analysis covers all aspects of a golf break, from the initial booking and payment process through to the departure from the resort. It will also include transfers, check-in and -out, plus all the standard mystery shopper categories, such as the golf, pro-shop experience and F&B, plus, where relevant, fine dining and custom-fitting experiences. The new product is based on European expectations and needs.

I believe to be able to transform the overall customer experience Monte Rei Golf & Country Club will have to develop a detailed road map for each every customer journey, one that describes the process from start to finish. Such customer journey process description should take into account the business impact of optimizing the journey, and lays out a commonsense, feasible sequence of initiatives. 

We should pay more attention to those customer journeys that matter most both to customers and to business performance.

Part of this work, we need to identify how we are performing in each every customer journey and build cross-functional processes to support those journeys. We cannot avoid to review and make cultural change. Needless to say this is just the beginning of a continuous improvement process.  

Such journey-based customer experience transformation has 4 major steps:

  1. Identify key journeys;
  2. Understand current performance (e.g. by using net promoter score): what are the pain points?
  3. Redesign experience and engage front line;
  4. Sustain at scale.

So Club59's 'Stay & Play' research can be a good starting point, but this is just the top of the iceberg when want to achieve measurable and lasting improvement in customer experience. I think social media monitoring should be part of the analysis as we tend to share our experience in different social media channels. This can also help to win back former golf club members or others who used to play frequently.